In this day and age getting your name out to the masses can be difficult but one Argentina-based melodic house and techno producer, Luciano Lozz, understands that it takes more than just talent to get to the top.

Luciano Lozz has been producing music organically for over a decade and does not plan to stop. As a co-founder of Omnia Producciones – a notable event producer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina – Luciano is involved in the music scene on a high level. From booking talent, organizing events, building global partnerships and more it’s a wonder that Luciano Lozz is able to find the time to produce such elegant music – a true Renaissance man.

Luciano’s passion began when he was a young child when he picked up his first instrument. This hands-on musical approach shows in much of his work. Oftentimes you will find Luciano playing live sets rather than DJ sets as his relationship with music runs very deep. His recent release on his Beatport page reflects his high propensity to the music and his attention to detail. You can find collaborations with artists including Nick Muir and many others.

In March of 2021 Luciano Lozz took the time to curate special live streams from his beautiful space in Mexico as you can see here in this stream. For artists like Luciano Lozz it’s important to continue to build upon their original vision, organically. With strong upcoming releases, a myriad of events to take place in the near future and global partnerships building at a rapid pace – be sure to keep Luciano Lozz on your radar in the coming years as the rising star continues to build demand for his act.


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