Picture this. It’s a warm summer night in South Florida and you are with your closest friends wondering,
what’s the plan for the night? A few minutes go by as you feverishly swipe through Instagram and shoot
out some texts to local promoters at parties you know you will have an easy time getting into – as a
backup, of course. Nothing exciting really happens and you regret not planning out your night ahead of
time. The hopelessness starts to kick in. Moments later, as you drift deeper into your thoughts fishing for
ideas, your phone buzzes and you crane your neck swiftly to glance at your cell-phone. An sms message
pops up to alert you a few last minute tickets were added to the sold out warehouse party featuring your
favorite Berlin-based artist. Impossible, it can’t be! You’ve been trying to get tickets to this exclusive party
for a week and somehow your wait-list dreams have come true. A few quick, feverish taps and you’ve
confirmed your experience not only for yourself but you and your best friends. Within minutes the tickets
are already out of stock – sold out, again! You celebrate with your crew, hugging and jumping up and
down wondering how you were the lucky chosen one. If you know, you know.
Some event organizers dream of a customer experience like this, others create it. The tension becomes
so real, the anticipation and excitement becomes so tangible that you can nearly cut it with a knife. This is
just a glimpse into the party-goers experience with the hot, new brand called One of Us Events – one of
the more elusive event planners to rise to the top in recent years. The Florida-based brand has been
focusing purely on the quality of the party-goers experience, sacrificing anything (including the blood,
sweat and tears of the team) to ensure that every party is special, unique, epic, iconic… It has to be, of
course, as an exclusive experience is priceless for your fans. That’s just surface level, the beginning of a
journey for the customer – it is everything in between for One of Us Events that makes every single event
so perfectly curated that you have to be there to experience it; or as the team says “if you know, you
For every brand that captivates their audience there is typically a mastermind behind it all, perhaps even
a team of masterminds behind it all. The nightlife experience is an escape from reality for most people, it’s
a time to detach oneself from reality and perhaps the mundane aspects of life that they maintain from
Monday until Friday afternoon. For about 48 hours per week the average consumer finds themselves in a
position to change their lives, even for just a few moments, transcending into an alternate universe or a
portal to a new dimension. This is how you have to think when you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum

  • on the party-planning side of things, as One of Us Events finds themselves. The brand sees it as their
    role to create this escape from reality for their customers with an audiovisual, immersive experience that
    caters to the body, mind and soul. An experience that encourages you to be different, to accept the
    uniqueness of oneself and others and above all to dance the night away and find yourself lost in the
    rhythm of the music. That’s the difference between your typical “event promoter” and an event planner
    like One of Us Events. The difference is that you will remember, you’ll simply never forget the experiences
    you have at their events. That’s the point, though, isn’t it? To get lost in the beauty of art.

It’s really important to remember that events are an art form and event producers are artists – the same
way that a painter paints or a musician plays their instrument. If an event producer does their job well,
with passion, it can become a life-changing experience for its consumers. Take a look at some of the past
events from One of Us Events and you’ll see quickly just why their experience creates a certain unique
vibe, an intimate vibe, that others simply dream of being able to create. It’s unteachable and it’s
indescribable – remember, “if you know, you know…” One of Us Events prides itself in its abilities to create
such experiences that make us all one, that spread love and is derived from love. They plan to scale their
events larger and more frequently while maintaining their uniqueness and exclusivity to protect their
valued clientele and maintain the atmosphere they initially fell in love with. If you’re wondering when the
next event is for One of Us Events, we suggest you get on their mailing list quickly and keep your eyes
and ears out for their next announcements – you won’t regret it.


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