In the United States music is a passion for many but a career for very few. On most occasions it’s merely a hobby, more than
anything else. In other instances, an artist is able to channel their inner entrepreneur and utilize the tools of modern society in order
to not just make a name for themselves – but monetize it. One artist, Felipe Stigma, is a prime example of an individual who has
turned his passion into not only a career but also a business. Felipe began DJing events in 2010 and has continued to work
tirelessly to create his name, his brand and his image. He attributes a great deal of his success to his own talent, hard work and
vision. Since he was a young boy, Felipe knew he wanted to be a star in the music industry – he expected it.

Felipe’s close friends and family will describe Felipe as the most generous, ingenious and charismatic character in their lives. These
attributes have yielded nothing but positive results for Felipe as an artist in a cut-throat industry where friends are a dime a dozen
but true partners and mentors are rare. A few key players and mentors assisted Felipe in launching his career successfully and
through studying the craft of becoming an industry leader Felipe has honed in on leveraging his own skills, talents and traits to grow
his career. Nowadays, you will find Felipe headlining DJ gigs as his solo act, Felipe Stigma, or as his duo named Double F Project.

It’s all too common for an aspiring artist to give up on their dreams or even belittle their own musical careers thinking to themselves
“this is just a side hobby, there’s no money in this!” The truth is that despite the learning curve that comes with getting started, it has
never been easier to monetize your artist career – and that is exactly what Felipe Stigma has been silently working on. Felipe is a
beautiful example of true success within a seemingly impossible industry simply by working hard, creating opportunities where
others believed there was no opportunity and investing in himself. Without the strong belief that Felipe would be a household name,
it may have never happened. Fortunately, he took his chances and continues to play his cards right. Keep an eye out for Felipe
Stigma in New York City and beyond.


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