Building a career in the arts can be the ultimate challenge anywhere in the world and especially in New York City. Cayenne is a
rising techno and house artist from New York, New York who plans to do just that. With a background in event production, Cayenne
has been leveraging his talents to build his trade on a daily basis. In addition to his solo work, Cayenne is part of a duo called
Double F Project, with his partner Felipe. Managing a solo career and a duo career can be a rather difficult task but Cayenne
continues to build his career through networking with his contacts, advancing his music production and spending hours locked in the
studio on a daily basis. Cayenne separates himself from his competition by working tirelessly and creating lifelong relationships and
learning from his partners, peers and social-media.

Within the last decade Cayenne decided to pursue his passion as an artist within the techno and house space. Countless all night
sessions can be attributed to some of Cayenne’s best work as an artist. His talent in the studio has led to a great deal of
opportunities, including his duo partnership Double F Project. Recently, Cayenne has been playing numerous gigs in New York City
and has been making a major name for himself. With booking requests coming in from various cities throughout the United States as
well as internationally, Cayenne plans to focus on his career and build within his home city for as long as possible. Giving back to
the city that started his career is part of his overall vision.

With a sharp mind and his eye on the prize Cayenne is a likely candidate to rise to the top within the industry. Playing with artists
such as Julian Jeweil, Black Asteroid and Max Chapman in 2022 – the scene has taken a liking to Cayenne’s style. Frequently you
can find Cayenne at New York’s hottest venues interacting with his people and his crowd with a smile on his face. When asked
about why he pursued his passion as an artist Cayenne simply stated “I love it and it’s what drives me to wake up in the morning
and work as hard as possible to achieve my goals – and it’s working out.” An inspiration to us all, keep an eye out for Cayenne and
his duo, Double F Project in the future.


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